RIFLE DIET: “Abuse Begets Abuse” b/w “The Affected: 7"

Nov 13, 2013

Nice to see Profane Existence is still limping along, although I think printing “limited edition” across the sleeve is lame. In this day and age, every indie press is “limited,” unless there’s like five of them. Whatever. This is an absolute skull crusher of a disc. Minneapolis crusties who have done time in more than enough bands to give them credibility, hammering through two tunes of dirty, downtuned, crusty mayhem. I’m thinking From Ashes Rise or Wolfbrigade, but some of the harshest female vocals this side of Mandy from Health Hazard. People say this genre is played out. I say fuck ‘em.

 –Tim Brooks (Profane Existence, profaneexistence.com)