RIFFS, THE: Underground Kicks: CD

Oct 29, 2001

This is extreme down’n’dirty punkrock restlessness. Sex Pistolish in spots with cockney Charlie Harper-style vocals and big meaty New York Dolls subway-train riffs. The sick’n’sordid subject matter of the ear-sizzlin’ songs on here include the monstrous misery of junkie hell, confrontational drunken fisticuffs with cops, fucked-up despair, harrowing hopelessness, and relentless nihilistic tendencies. The music is savage, straightforward, catchy, captivating, and raw as fuck. It’s the Never Mind The Bollocks of the 21st Century. Anarchic rock’n’roll with all of the rage, passion, primality, and balls-out attitude that’s needed to make this one of the most outstanding punkrock releases of the past 25 years! So liven things up and stuff this into your lame lackluster list, ya mindless corporate twits at fashionably predictable Spin rag HQ!

 –Roger Moser Jr. (Pelado)