RIFFS, THE: Underground Kicks: CD

Jul 16, 2009

This band should rename themselves The Stolen Riffs because this ‘77 style Chuck Berry punk freely loots from the Sex Pistols’ museum of guitar riffs. Imagine Steve Jones (or would it be Chris Spedding?) mixing martinis and muscle relaxants and sluggishly re-working the classic Never Mind the Bollocks guitar parts while Rik L Rik provides a vocal part with exactly none of the snarl or sneer of Johnny Rotten. But while this is venomless and almost lethargic, I can’t help but grudgingly tap my foot to it because it all sounds so damn familiar. Stealing riffs is a grand rock‘n’roll tradition — even the Pistols themselves have been accused of stealing some of these very same riffs from the New York Dolls — so I don’t have any ethical problems with it. But if you’re going to dig up old riffs and bring them back to life, bring them all the way back to life, not to some half-dead plodding zombie level.

 –aphid (TKO)