Nov 21, 2014

On first listen, I would describe this as Midwestern, Johnny Cougar pop punk. That’s not a dig. I like pop punk. I like the Midwest. John Cougar Mellencamp’s “Hurt So Good” is a fucking solid ode to kinky sex. The video is a goddamn masterpiece. Why not? In the gatefold, the trio sits clothed in a bathtub, pouring clear liquid from gasoline canisters over themselves. Crazy kids. I see a skateboard deck, a half-gnawed chicken wing, a G.G. Allin shirt, and cans upon empty cans of Midwestern beer. I bet this band is the life of the house party, frat party, and skate park. If you find yourself headed into any of these situations, consider taking a copy of Daggers Down with you. The packaging is beautiful (colored vinyl, etc.) and it’s impolite to show up empty-handed, you filthy cheapskate! 

 –John Mule (Sexy Baby, sexybabyrecords.com)

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