Richard Kern: Action: DVD

Aug 21, 2008

Hot girls being naked doing things very seriously. Is that for you? Kern is well-known for his photography of naked gals, more erotic than porno, but those terms can be debated forever. He is really a great photographer. The video is more handheld matter-of-fact stuff, with posing, stretching, playing with toys, taking things off. Much more arty than porno, but too many close-ups and insertions to be burlesque. Girls are, yes, all pretty hot, but this is more old school in a way—no suicide girls, tattoos, or giggling—these girls are either completely stoic or really into it, with the occasional smile. No words or guys or scripts, just naked gals doing stuff over Thurston Moore’s minimal score. The extras on the disc are some of Kern’s older films and videos, inspired by 42nd Street, ‘70s sleaze, and exploitation days, which are not nearly as shocking or evocative as what was playing in those theaters back then. One film is mostly footage he shot simply walking down that street in those scummy days, which looks incredible. Whoever lives across the street from Kern is either pissed off beyond belief or one of the happiest people on earth. –Speedway Randy (MVDvisual,