Nov 05, 2008

Richard Cranium? Oh. Dickhead. I get it. Clever. Thankfully, the music is better than the name. Spacey, atmospheric indie rock by way of Indianapolis, IN. The six self-released tracks by the trio explore soundscapes with a bevy of effects and echoes, occasionally at risk of being drawn out and jammy. However, the songs are finely balanced with well-timed, precise, angular, discordant rhythms, creating the equivalent of aural architecture. Reminiscent of the great, screamy, and dancey Les Savy Fav, it is music that comes across as being sincere and without pretense, as well as being music you can groove to. I imagine the songs documented here are best experienced live in a room full of sweaty and flagellating devotees. A+. Will listen again.–Jeff

 –guest (Self-released,

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