RIBZY: 81-85 Recordings: CD

Ribzy was one of those bands in the ‘80s that everyone knew about but never really had much of anything by them—or at least that was the case with everyone I knew. I think with the exception of a tune on some faceless homemade comp culled from tracks lifted from some long-ago punk radio show and their sole track on MRR’s legendary Not So Quiet on the Western Front compilation I hadn’t heard another note from them until putting this puppy on the player. In short, this was a treat. Starting off as a sloppy, scrappy hardcore band with oodles of charm, they apparently progressed over the course of their career (and this disc) into a fine hardcore band more prone to mid-tempo ranting than balls-to-the-wall thrashing, although they were more than capable of that when the need arose, before calling it quits in 1985. The recordings here are all studio takes, and there’s even a track recorded by a lineup in 2004. Pick of the litter? An almost surreal interpretation of the Archies’ “Sugar Sugar.” Good to see these kids get their due.

 –jimmy (Vinehell)