Jan 19, 2016

Four songs and thirteen minutes of screamy hardcore punk from Chicago. The EP starts out with an aggressive burst of frenetic energy followed by a slower jam “Kneecapper,” which has a rumbling bass and feedback on the guitar. The third song “Gray” is another fast tune, clocking in at under two minutes before the closer “CPD” comes on the scene. It’s easily the best song on the album, due to an almost hypnotic swagger. A couple notes: the vocalist shouldn’t sing. No. Cut that out. It’s not often but Ribbonhead shouldn’t try for melody, just aggression. It’s what they do best. Also, I’m strangely entranced by the band’s use of ambient sound at the end of the EP. Perhaps a side project or an entire album of it? I’d go for it. Whatever the case, this is a strong effort that I’ve listened it to more than I usually do for most reviews, which really says a lot.

 –Kurt Morris (Self-released)

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