RHYTHM CHICKEN, THE: Official Motion Picture Soundtrack: Live at Koz's Mini Bowl/National Liquor Bar: 7"+DVD

Jun 29, 2007

As the beloved Chicken explains in his very low-fi insert: “It’s a Wisconsin thing.” If you’ve been blessed by the beauty and the glory of the Rhythm Chicken, this is a must-have. If you’ve not, then you might not understand the appeal of two “songs” that sound only like drumming, a hooting and hollering crowd, and a drunken rendition of “Happy Birthday.” Because that’s just what they are. While a recording can never truly do justice to the visual goulash that is the Rhythm Chicken, for those of us that miss His Fuzziness, this is our Charles Emerson Winchester audiotape letter from the stuttering sister. BUT WAIT!!!! We have a visual!!! Yes, for those whose lives have not been graced but the clucked musings of our Drummer Laureate, be it known that thine is the power, the glory, and the DVD! Find out how drunken Milwaukee ne’er-do-wells spend the fleeting hours of daylight in our northern clime huddled around a flopsey beat-maker! Now for the low, low price of money, you can take the Chicken home for your swilly anytime pleasure! ORDER NOW!

 –Eric Carlson (The Rhythm Chicken)