RHINO 39: Xerox & No Compromise b/w Prolixin Stomp: 7"

Aug 11, 2009

A completely obscure LA band gets the bootleg treatment here. Legend has it that Black Flag’s first real gig was opening up for this band, which makes sense, since the two songs on the A-side mine the same kind of proto-hardcore sound as Black Flag did on Nervous Breakdown. It also brings to mind other bands from that time period like the Adolescents, the Cheifs, and the Stepmothers: full of nervous energy and sloppy melodies. The B-side is very, very similar to “Tiger Beat Twist” by the Simpletones, with the happy, bouncing beat and the fact that both songs are about dances, like punk rock versions of “Do the Locomotion” or something. Pretty good, but not exactly something that everyone needs to own.

 –josh (Dangerhouse)

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