RHINO 39 / BLACK RANDY: Split: 7"

Mar 08, 2010

A bit of a coup here for the Artifix kids. What you get here are two outtakes from legendary L.A. punk label Dangerhouse, both of which are heretofore unreleased. On one side you get Black Randy And The Metrosquad cranking out an alternate take of “I Wanna be a Nark,” recorded during the session that resulted in the Idi Amin single. On the other, you get Rhino39 dishing out “Night in Watts,” a nice bit of mid-tempo proto-core reminiscent of the Simpletones that they left off their Prolixin Stomp EP because they thought “it sucked.” The tune was believed lost along with the original tapes for said EP, but Dangerhouse’s David Brown rediscovered a “quick mix” on a cassette tape and turned it over to Artifix. It is the only tune they recorded not on the Rhino 39 discography CD released a couple of years ago. As per usual, the release looks and sounds great, and a one-sheet is included with info about each band and the tune.

 –jimmy (Artifix)