RF7: Addictions & Heartache: CD

Aug 11, 2009

Getting old not only sucks, it’s also just plain weird, which is cool: For instance, the interval between this album’s release and the release of RF7 ‘87—the last RF7 album i recall myself being in possession of, although i’m not so sure there wasn’t another one after that—doesn’t seem any more longer and ridiculous than the interval between RF7 ‘87 and the Fortunate Son 45 was, even though we’re talking about one interval of like four years and another one of like seventeen years. Further, although i will state without fear or favor that RF7 were never a big favorite of mine (lots of my friends liked ‘em though) back in The Day, they don’t sound a goddamn measurable micron worse twenty-two years later—at least not to these punk-ravaged eardrums. We still gotz the two-guitar-punk-rock-plus-occasional-dark-surface-rock-and-or-metal-isms attack of the Way Back When, we still gotz unsung L.A. punk hero Felix Alanis’ feces-sweet Lemmy-burgers on the vocal grill... hell, i can’t honestly say that i’ve played this back to back with “Fall In,” but, i mean, honestly, this certainly seems like it’s within the ballpark of their best material. The title track (with a Screeching Weaselish riff and everything!) is, in all likelihood, my favorite RF7 song of all time (not including “Fortunate Son,” which is cheating as it’s my favorite CCR tune) Y’all whom dunno who RF7 be, y’all go to some night classes or somethin’ and straighten up your conception of the punk rock framework. This man’s name is MR. Felix, and he’s got more SiCK TEENs than you. BEST SONG: “Addictions & Heartache” BEST SONG TITLE: “Where Have All The Quaaludes Gone?” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Unless reality shifted in the last two decades and i don’t remember what the fuck was going on, Felix Alanis’ Smoke 7 label released the first album by the band then known as Red Cross, Born Innocent.

 –norb (Puke ‘n’ Vomit)