REXX: Death, and Other Ways to be Artsy: Cassette

Emo/indie for the sad boys with the feelings and so on. Home-recorded, Pacific Northwest vibes kind of save it from just being wimpy white noise. The first time I listened to it, I was scrolling through Tumblr and a picture of the cast of The O.C. came up and I was like, “Ah, okay. This makes sense. I like this. Seth Cohen and nostalgia and stuff.” Then a couple days later I was listening with my girlfriend and I said, “This isn’t bad. But I wouldn’t want to be the person he’s singing about” and she said “Oh godno” and then we watched Foyle’s War, but really Rexx is all right, for the young people with hearts, not just the sad boy people. 

 –Matt Werts (Burger,