May 26, 2009

Epically DIY and exquisitely packaged, Revolutionary Youth’s Bleed/Decay, released on Atlanta’s No Breaks Records, comes hand-numbered (short run of two hundred pressed) and hand-screened on the inside of an old, deconstructed record sleeve (in my case, an old Pretenders record). Pressed on grey-marble colored vinyl, it includes an insert on how to fix your bike yourself and tips on dumpster diving, as well as a lyric sheet that is sewn together. Taken all together, it is really remarkable how much heart was put into creating this thing. Musically, it is genuinely emotional, technical, beastly, gut-wrenching hardcore. Big, bombastic, epic thrashing prevails. Dual vocalists, one screeches and squeals, the other (and this is where it loses me) barks and growls, borrowing from the Cookie Monster school of vocals. Speaking for myself, it’s hard to take the Cookie Monster thing seriously. But, for those of you into that style of hardcore, you’ve struck gold with this record.

 –Jeff (No Breaks)

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