Aug 09, 2009

Hooray! The Revillos! For those who don’t know (and can’t guess) the Revillos are the Rezillos with a “v” instead of a “z.” They covered a lot of Rezillos tunes, and also wrote new, ridiculous, dancey, keyboard, girl-groupy new wave. I am no huge fan of keyboard-based new wave bands, but the Revillos are an exception to the rule! This CD is a re-release of their Rev Up LP (which I spent way too much on in a record store in Paris two years ago – if only I had known!) plus five bonus tracks. And the bonus tracks are good, too! Of course, the “Rev Up” song, “Yeah Yeah,” is the coolest. (Later parodied by Boris the Sprinkler as “Yeah Yeah No” – punk trivia, all right!). This is a good record for a Halloween party, dance party, or sleepover party! Yay for cool reissues! Do yourself a favor, and buy this – but if you don’t have that Rezillos double CD yet, you better buy that first! (The Rezillos are one of the Top Five Bands Of All Time! How many bands are in my Top Five? Uh, more than five. I’m a dork. I can’t keep lists. But the Rezillos are really one of the greatest bands ever – so get that, get this, get, uh, I dunno, a weird yellow vinyl skirt so you can look cool like ‘em, too! This is Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Yum!

 –maddy (Captain Oi)

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