REVILERS: Stand or Fall: 7"

Mar 15, 2010

The gruff vocals and the band’s affection for dark, minor key oi that drives along at an even pace reminds me of Adolf And The Piss Artists, a huge compliment in itself. The moments of more upbeat, Briggs-inspired street punk lose me, but on the closing track “Road Rage,” the band seems to marry their pop-infused street rock roots with their seriously toned Major Accident-style oi sound in a fashion that sounds like Germany’s Oxymoron or the later era Bruisers material. It’s not like this record is going to kick down any doors or blow your mind, but you shouldn’t expect it to. The songs are solid and the only one that doesn’t stand up to repeated listens is the title track. -Ian Wise

 –guest (Patac)