REVILERS: Self-titled: CD

All I can say is holy hell! I went into this review not knowing anything about this band, but I am so glad that I have heard this album. You have a four piece band from Boston who has been around since 2008 who have put out their self-titled album after releasing a bunch of singles before this and it’s really good. The album starts off with the song “No Bullshit” and keeps on building until the last one “BCR” with a cool Jerry Lee Lewis cover of “End of the Road” thrown in the mix. These guys have the right mix of hardcore, punk, and street punk that most bands cannot pull off. All the styles blend together really well and make for a great bunch of songs. They rail away against politics, shitty jobs, about being a punk when you were young and being one when you’re older, and just being sick of all the bullshit in the world. You get two different vocalists on here, both doing some heartfelt hollering. The guitar, drums, and bass all accent each other perfectly and create a racket to piss off your uptight neighbors. The album has thirteen tracks and not a duff one on it. The production is really good, with everything mixed together very well and dirty enough to make it sound like it’s an older release, not all prettied up like a lot of newer releases. Now I must try to beg for their older releases because I need them and you need them. 

 –guest (Patac,