REVENGE OF THE PSYCHOTRONIC MAN: Still Getting Pissed, Still Talking Shit, Still Dancing Like Idiots: 7”

These prolific U.K. punks are celebrating their ten-year anniversary with a nostalgic 7”, starting off with two new recordings of old tunes. The tracks don’t break any new ground, but they do prove that these guys are still tearing it up impressively hard and fast a decade later. I’m hearing less skate punk influence than on their last record—this is more straight-up English punk rock for the drunk and rowdy. As if to confirm this, the second song is a genuine streetpunk banger, the kind with literal “oi oi oi”s at the end of every line. I didn’t know they still made ‘em like that, but I can get behind it. And then… there’s Side B. This features two electronic/drum-and-bass remixes of what I must assume are other selections from the Psychotronic catalogue. I mean full-on Transplants-style punk fusion, but less terrible. I’m not entirely sure that any of this was necessary, but it’s funny as hell and, on occasion, weirdly good. Honestly, these remixes are more interesting than the standard-issue punk rock B-sides would have been. These guys aren’t afraid of getting a little stupid, and I can respect that. 

 –Indiana Laub (TNS)