Oct 16, 2009

This is fucking great. Gravelly sounding British dudes singing fast and slurred over even faster and gravellier sounding music (except for the one instrumental ska interlude with one of the best titles ever, “I Know a Cracking Owl Sanctuary”). Okay, the description sounds like every D-beat band, but this is decidedly heavier on the melody department. Think of this as what would happen if Snuff wrote its own version of the Circle Jerk’s Group Sex album. The mix on this is massive. Drums sound huge, the bass is like a distorted refugee from a psycho-billy band, and the guitar has that controlled static tone that Bob Mould perfected in the early Husker Du days. The vocals are catchy as hell, even though their so fast, accented, and slurry I have no clue what’s being said ninety percent of the time. The fact they do melodic group vocals like this too is quite impressive. While a lyric booklet would help, I fully accept the bands excuse in the liner notes that the space was better used for photos of them “acting like dick heads on tour.” Great stuff and along with the Pillowfights album, this is the best stuff I’ve gotten all year … and I have to say this band takes the prize for the most vaguely disturbing cover art, longest band name and oddest album title I’ve seen in a long while.

 –Adrian (TNS, [email protected])

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