Rev. Rich Mackin's Book of Letters #15

Feb 02, 2011

Granted, Mr. Mackin is a Razorcake columnist, and I am being paid off with huge bags of Sour Patch Kids to write a good review of his zine, but still… it’s pretty great! For those not in The Know, Rich Mackin writes silly letters to corporations and prints both his letters and the replies. He also has a book out, and does speaking tours every once in awhile. (I refuse to use the phrase “spoken word” – one of the most annoying phrases I have ever heard. Spoken word = speaking. Got it? Okay.) Anyway, a lot of this stuff is quite funny. Haikus about Gillette razors, Starbucks, the Gap, and more. Letters addressing important questions like “What exactly are the 2000 parts my family needs to wash with Lever soap?” and “Why does my junk mail address me as a woman?” And some more political letters as well. Well worth your two books – and buy the book to read about Mr. Mackin’s stalking of the Lever 2000 company. Hilarious! –Maddy ($2 plus postage to: Rich Mackin PO Box 890/ Allston, MA02134)

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