Nov 13, 2013

Yep, you pantsed me. Nørb writes a column and reviews for Razorcake. I sorta wish the nepotism didn’t stop there. His memory’s phenomenal when it comes to comparisons, so I feel like a bit of schmub trying to write this review. He’d probably do a better job of it than I. Here are the low-hanging fruit pies for reference: Mummies, New Bomb Turks, and Devil Dogs. Taco Bell Budget Rock. Before Nørb joined, Manitowoc’s Onions (some former Last Sons Of Krypton fellas), pervaded a “why not shorts when we’re playing?” / gas attendant / let’s stand mostly still, it worked for CH3 aesthetic. I’d say that Nørb has appropriately Sweet-Tarted up the proceedings, both live and on record. Flam-boy-ance. DIY punk’s Nordstrom’s Rack Liberace? (Green Bay and West Allis are only about a hundred and twenty miles from one another. Coincidence?) Boris The Sprinkler fans won’t be disappointed. Bob Dylan fans probably would be (this isn’t a reprise of Nøb Dylan And His Nøbsoletes). My sole gripe is that someone who’s as graphic design-ly on top of his shit would allow such egregious pixilation on the labels… well, I never. It’s a record in a dust sleeve. I didn’t get a cover. I like this record. Only time will tell if it’s the Studebaker of penises.

 –todd (Brad X Tapes, [email protected])