RETCHING RED: Get Your Wings: CD

Nov 08, 2007

If you have ever put in any time reviewing records and CDs, it can be very trying. After so many years, the act of getting my fat ass in the chair to sit in front of the computer can take days of procrastination. So far, one CD out six, I have liked. I reach into the bag to keep the process going. I put this release into the CD player and my head swings around in an act of whiplash. What is coming out of my speakers? The speed factor is up there, the anger is registering in the red, and it doesn’t sound like a sloppy mess. Most songs clock in at under two minutes. I have noticed on the net that this band has had shows with Oppressed Logic, Channel 3, and Dinah Cancer & the Grave Robbers up in Nor Cal. Using female-led bands as reference, the vocalist has characteristics that remind me of Cinder from Tilt (it turns out that it is her), but the music is much faster and aggressive than the mentioned band. You could say that they sound like All or Nothing HC or Naked Aggression but the production is much better and the speed factor takes into account. The cover of “Insomnia” by Agression almost doesn’t sound like a cover. They sped that song up and made it their own. I have listened to this on more than one occasion. As cliched as this sounds, this is a kick ass CD!

 –don (Bleeding Bitch)