May 26, 2008

Important Note to Bands: If you are putting racist/homophobic phrases in your lyrics (and, in this case, in your song titles), it tends to rub people the wrong way, even if the person is not ultra-PC. It tends to distract the listener. I know the usage is for ironic purposes, and the Dead Kennedys did it, and X did it, and Reagan Youth took it to absurd heights, and so on, but the fact that I can instantly remember those bands as examples shows what an effect (negatively, I might add) it has on a listener. These guys’ music is garage rock with occasional horns. The music actually sounds pretty good. If I feel uncomfortable typing your song titles on my computer, I probably won’t recommend your album, though. Of course, if you’re titling your songs like that you probably don’t care what I think anyway... –Will Kwiatkowski 

 –guest (The Olive Loaf Recording Corporation, no address)