RETARDED, THE: Gambling on Rock: 7” EP

Mar 23, 2007

One problem with a parody is that you have to engage in the activity in question in order to take your shots at it. An insightful parody of shuffleboard, let's say, requires playing shuffleboard. Not a good time. In the realm of music, a better example perhaps: I love Spinal Tap the movie, but never listen to Spinal Tap the band. The Retarded, decked out in Kiss make up, are subject to the same rules. They have to play rock—not punk, but regular old, break-out-the-lighters-and-let-the-riffs-rip rockin—in order to make fun of it. Not a good time for this listener. I'd say they gambled and lost.

 –guest (It's Alive)

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