RESTORATIONS: Strange Behavior: 12" EP

Mar 07, 2011

Four songs here and they’re all rich with space and breathing room; it’s mid-tempo post punk that meanders rather than thunders along, and it generally works pretty well. It’s the vocals that are the saving grace here—they’re rough and haggard and offset the frequent delicacy of the music itself. Starting out with the first side, “Title Track” and “Linear Notes,” I can definitely understand the references I’ve heard to Lucero, though Restorations are much more playful and odd—dig that weird guitar freakout at the end of “Title Track.” The closer, “Documents,” takes a long and wandering path from start to finish, and closes the record out on an even more slowed-down, somber note. All in all, this one come across as pretty underwhelming at first listen but manages some atmosphere after a few rotations.

 –keith (Paper + Plastick)