Nov 18, 2011

Since I love a good bio, I would like to take a moment to answer some of the claims made by the Restorations one sheet. I do not hear that this band has “achingly intense moments of restrain and a driving need to find a unique voice.” I don’t find that the rhythm section could “knock a hole in the side of a Sherman Tank.” The “warm, stirring melodies, enduring hooks and dense, dynamic song structures” failed to have an effect on me. Nor do I find that it “speaks so loudly to us ‘over the hill’ rockers.” If this band had truly “been around long enough to hear (what feels like) everything music has to offer,” then they would know that their band sounds a lot like what Revelation was putting out in the ‘90s. Basically, it did not get me “stoked on the scene again.” If you like Sensefield, you might be into this.

 –Billups Allen (Tiny Engines,