RESTARTS, THE: System Error: CD

Aug 11, 2009

When we had the big wave of street punk a few years ago, it always sounded weird to me when the bands were from the states. When I think of oi/ Brit punk, I think of working class Brits with accents. Hearing an American sing the same style or fake an English accent always rubbed me the wrong way. They had to have real good songs to make me listen to any song more than once. But here is a band from the UK and they sound genuine. On top of that, they play solid and the songs are catchy as hell. It just sounds right. The songs sound like they are actually sung by a punk you meet at the pub. The band has slight hints of influences from bands of the past but has a freshness of today. The lyrics are well thought out. This band has actually taken the time to think beyond the pint glass. Ultimately, The Restarts play a good batch of songs that are melodic and have great sing along parts. It’s a great listen. Cheers!

 –don (Havoc)

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