RESTARTS, THE: Slumworld: LP

Mar 27, 2012

New fuckers in this town got the Koran wrong way round / their rise don’t blame me logic defy middle east nazi. These are the lyrics to The Restarts song “Jihad.” When put in context with the rest of the lyrics to the song, I’m able to gather that it’s against religious fundamentalism, which I can get behind. But is it too much to ask for something besides a whole lot of non-sequiturs strung together and sung really fast? Or are they trying to dumb it down for the audience, it being working-class streetpunk and all? This is a repress of an album from 1995. It seems somewhat anticipated and well-loved. It’s also a great package. (My vinyl was clear with white splotches through it.) Their hearts are obviously in the right place: left-leaning and totally D.I.Y. I really wanted to like it, but it didn’t grab me. Their entire aesthetic, which, much like the lyrics to “Jihad,” just seems... stupid. I would expect a band informed enough to take on such radical platforms would be able to present it in a more relevant and intelligent way. Or at least to raise the bar that Wattie from The Exploited set.  –Craven (