RESONARS, THE: That Evil Drone: LP

Feb 26, 2009

If the past forty years didn’t happen in music, if digital didn’t 0 and 1 itself into existence, Matt Rendon would be right at home. It’s far from a diss. That Evil Drone conjures up memories of the Yardbirds, Zombies, Roky Erikson, and The Peanut Butter Conspiracy—pure ‘60s AM gold—subtle in its complexity, humble in its presentation, thickly produced. The Resonars is an odd moniker because it’s singular; just Matt in his studio, playing every instrument, recording every track, adding everything up, bringing everything down. And far from waxy idolatry, acid reflux from regurgitating semi-digested chords, or sounding like a dusty-jacketed Goodwill scratch-up, Matt has the feel of someone totally inside of songs, excited, expert, and from another era. As per my character, my favorite tracks are the fastest ones. “Black Breath” could have easily been placed into any of Matt’s former band, the Knockout Pills, albums. This is his fifth release as The Resonars.

 –todd (Burger)