RESONARS, THE: That Evil Drone: LP

Feb 26, 2009

One of Tucson, Arizona’s best kept secrets, The Resonars play a style of ‘60s psychedelic pop that is reminiscent of the Beatles’ early experimental stage. The Resonars have an excellent grasp on the high-flying vocal harmony over driving guitars and slightly distorted bass. The Resonars are following up 2007’s Nonetheless Blue and appear unstoppable in their category. “No Black Clouds Float By” is an example from Drone of multiple layers of “oh” traveling up and down a melodic bass line. “No Horizon” has a catchy, Fab-Four-sounding chorus that fades into a psychedelic riff. Drone features a couple of instrumentals that are neither here nor there; but, Drone overall is an amazing album, considering that their music is technically complicated and their current output appears to be annual. The Resonars feature, and appear to be exclusively Matt Rendon from the punk rock band The Knockout Pills: a band who also worked with superior vocal harmonies in more of a Dead Boys vein. Fans of ‘60s music would do well to give the Resonars a listen. Since the band appears to be mostly Rendon with a few guests, it seems unlikely that you will see them play. But their albums are a noble homage to a specific era of psych and well done. If you think that psych can no longer be expounded on, think Resonars. –Billups Allen

 –guest (Burger)