RESONARS, THE: Nonetheless Blue: CD

Jan 24, 2008

Poppy, perfectly rendered garage rock from the brilliant mind of Matt Rendon (also a driving force behind the way fab, sadly departed Knockout Pills). He has an uncanny knack for nicking sixties stylings—Kinks, Dylan, Zombies, Rubber Soul Beatles—but his ear for melody and knack for arranging songs, along with hints of punk rock energy, raise Nonetheless Blue above mere mimicry. Plus, I hear a lot of Knockout Pills in these songs—the way the “band” (the Resonars are a one-man combo) punches accents in unison, the sustained vowel sounds at the end of vocal lines. I’m drafting a research grant to fund a comparative analysis between the Resonars and the Knockout Pills. While that works its way through the proper channels (it would already be a done deal if the parties involved were Canadian), I’ll leave you with this analogy—The Resonars:Knockout Pills::Archiecomics:E.C. Comics.

 –Mike Faloon (Get Hip)