RESONANCE: Self-titled: CD-R EP

Nov 08, 2007

When I first picked this outta the stack, I had to scratch my head. Is this a DVD? No, it’s a CD packaged in a DVD case. Must have been a Crazy Eddie sale at Blockbuster. But the songs are what matter. This five-piece outfit of young upstarts fry up some nice dual guitar riffs and drums that will have you reaching for the Advil—but with a smile. “Auctionary Blindness” has the singer thrashing against art and its commercialism—“here’s another one to hang in your gallery of dead-skin masterpieces.” “450Volts” surges forward with lines like, “We send volts through the weapons in our wallets that are soaked in the blood of workers a world away.” If you ever liked Embrace or Rites of Spring pick this up—there’s something here for you. Resonance puts their fists through YMCA basement ceilings so you don’t have to. Solid first release from this Richmond outfit.

 –koepenick (Self-released)

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