RESOLDERED: Everybody in Between: CD

Sep 07, 2010

As their Myspace page claims, Resoldered “play original rock songs with punk sensibilities,” a claim which in my mind sounds suspiciously wishy-washy, as if they’re trying to alienate as few potential listeners as possible. The tunes bear out the claim and its interpretation: there seems to be a little for everyone on this record, but the end result is a distinctly average effort. I mean, this isn’t a bad record, but it doesn’t trip my trigger at all. It has a bit of a paint-by-numbers feel and sounds like a more touchy-feely Midwestern Agent Orange. If this were dinner, it would be store-brand mac and cheese with sliced up Corn King wieners—acceptable, yes, but much less so than Kraft with Oscar Meyer.

 –Eric Carlson ([email protected])