RESISTOLEROS, THE: Rock ‘n’ Roll Napalm: CD

Jul 29, 2013

Just as the title of the album declares, there is rock and or roll to be found here. Really good quality rock’n’roll, in fact. The problem arises in that it is so textbook, influences by the numbers, that it is really hard to tell who The Resistoleros really are. As good as it is, I don’t think it really separates itself from the glut of other bands out there carrying The Stooges or Dead Boys around on their backs like a Johnny Thunders’ sized smack problem. That said, I would probably listen to this before whatever Nashville Pussy or the like are putting out these days. If you are into any of the bands mentioned in this review, I’d say The Resistoleros are worth giving a spin.

 –ty (Malt Soda)