RESISTANT CULTURE: Welcome to Reality: CD

Sep 08, 2006

I finally had the chance to see this band a couple of months ago. I was excited to see Tony Militia’s latest music endeavor. People from the early ‘80s East L.A. scene might remember Resistant Milita (Jimmy?). Seeing a person from that far back that you know is always welcome. They put on a great performance. On recording, they are equally as exciting. Dis-crust meets metal. Self described as hardcore meets tribal grind, they pack a powerful punch with a message. On this recording, there is the addition of Jesse Pintado (Terrorizer/Napalm Death) as a second guitarist that was not present when I saw the band live. There was no loss though as main guitarist Katina held her own. Masterful and technical is the drummer Ben, who I believe played in the band Axiom in the past. Put all the parts together with bassist Ralph and they are one powerful unit. They also pay homage to Discharge by covering Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing. Metal fans and crust fans should find this appealing. I heard in the works is a new album by Tony Militia and Jesse Pintado resurrecting Terrorizer. I am excited to hear the results of that project. If you never heard Terrorizer’s World Downfall LP, you are not a true grind fan.

 –don (Seventh Generation)