Mar 07, 2011

This is the second full length, following their debut Welcome to Reality, from this Los Angeles band that has been playing consistently since their inception. Vocalist Anthony has been active since the early ‘80s with Resistant Militia when I first met him. I believe this band is a mutation from past to present. He also did vocals for the second Terrorizer album. This record continues their brand of self-described tribal grind with crust leanings. The vocals are guttural but very phonetic in delivery. The signature in their sound, to me, is their drummer Ben Axiom, who delivers precise drumming that is on point. The guitar delivery is downtuned and almost mathematical. Bass fills the holes and puts the bite in the mix. This recording has more impact, in my opinion, than their previous release. A stronger production gives the songs more brightness. But my preference is still the live experience with this band. A trend I see more and more, this is co-released with Shaman, Profane Existence, Underground Movement, Bloody Lips, Anti-Corp, Patac, and Jornalero Records.

 –don (Seventh Generation,