RESIST: Resistography: 2 x CD

Oct 06, 2008

I remember when I first heard their demo in 1989 or so. I was completely stoked. No frills punk rock, which, at the time, was becoming scarce. Shit was either pop, straight-edge, metal, Fugazi clone bands, and what became later known as “grunge.” So yeah, this was nice to hear. PE has compiled fifty tracks total, and fourteen videos on to two discs; everything that was pressed on vinyl: The Only Solution… LP, self-titled EP, splits with Deprived, and Disrupt, and their Ignorance Is Bliss LP. Video footage is from live shows in Portland and Seattle, as well as a public access appearance in 1991, and a snippet of a nearly practice session in 1989. Members went on to play in Defiance, Severed Head Of State, and Detestation, among many more. If you’re unfamiliar with Resist, think of anarcho punk but Americanized. Or think of the Pist, or a more tuneful Final Conflict. Good stuff really.

 –M.Avrg (Profane Existence)