May 20, 2010

Even though I long ago gave up on the idea of anarchism, or any “ism” for that matter, being a viable reality and vehicle towards an idyllic society, I still carry similar sympathies and have a soft spot for anarcho punk bands. Unlike their parrot punk cousins, whose only apparent interest is in getting back at an amorphous “system” by singing songs about getting drunk and coloring their hair purty colors, the anarchy bands that take their Bakunin seriously have always seemed to me to have their hearts in the right place when they sing about peace, self-governance, and not being an asshole to others. I remember playing with Resist And Exist and Media Children on one or two occasions and thought they were among the more interesting of that crop of bands, and this collection of what sounds like a couple of demos and live tracks shows a band a bit more conscious than the other punters of tempering the inevitable sloganeering with diversity in their delivery. Sure, there’s no shortage of angry thrashing, but there is also some slower and—dare I say it?—occasional poppy moments to be found as well. Dunno if they ultimately had much impact on the greater world, but it’s clear that they sincerely wanted to, and that intent sometimes goes a long way.

 –jimmy (Mass Media)

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