RESIST #47: $5 ppd., 5” x 8½”, copied, 50pgs.

Sep 30, 2014

The return of Resist, a dense how-to zine describing various fix-it-yourself tasks and a variety of ways to start and maintain a garden from someone who is a shining example of the term “handyman.” These tutorials are heavily interlaced with storytelling and read as such, which makes it a little difficult to visualize what is being explained to me. It did a great job sucking me in at the beginning with a nice holiday tale about blood, guts, and turkey feathers. The stories are personal and seemingly evolve as the author does, but if I were to attempt making anything from this zine I could imagine having a hard time finding my instructions and keeping track of their order. With that said, I am very glad to have read this zine. Nothing in it looks overwhelming and, as far as I’m concerned, everything is practical. From starting a worm bin to making an emergency bike pedal, there is something that will resonate with most of us and that’s the beauty of a storyteller. Not bad after a five-year zine hiatus. –Simon Sotelo (Mat, PO Box 582345, MPLS, MN55458)