Dec 30, 2008

Wait, your band is called Research Turtles? Wow. Anyway, when I used to run my own online zine back in the day, this is the type of thing we’d get frequently: a cardboard sleeve with color art on both sides that usually made no sense. And the band would include members you’d never heard of and was often either self-released or put out by a label you’d never heard of. But the music—oh yes, the music. It often sounded like something you might hear at a local bar or your run-of-the-mill college town nightclub: entirely forgettable with plenty of generic rock and roll influences. (In the case of Research Turtles, it includes Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes, Nirvana, Cake, The Killers and Silverchair. Silverchair?! Fucking Silverchair?!) Their MySpace page says that until summer of 2008 they had been a cover band but finally started to write their own material (and suddenly it all starts to make sense). Their influences tell what their sound is like, which means it’s very generic and uninteresting. But hey, they just started this non-cover band thing. Keep at it, boys.

 –kurt (