REPRESSED, THE: World in Flames: CD-R

Mar 08, 2010

The Repressed were one of the bands that formed the nucleus of the legendary “Lower Eastside Drunk Punk” scene that built up around New York’s ABC No Rio in the late-’80s. Many crazy tales abound about that scene, not to mention about this band, and I would venture a good percentage of ‘em are probably true. What you have here is a reissue of a demo recorded by the band in 1991, I believe. Though the sound quality can get a bit dicey in spots, which isn’t surprising when you consider we’re talking about tapes that are nineteen years old at this point and were probably not recorded in the most optimal of settings in the first place (then again, you’re a total dope if you’re listening to punk rock for superior fidelity and high end recording practices), the tunes are often fast’n’tight and well executed, are definitely a mark above the insta-thrash and bonehead metal that was New York’s primary export during that period, and infused with the perfect amount of raunch to give this a gloriously skuzzy sheen. This comes highly recommended as an antidote to those whining grampa-punkers who insist that quality punk never made it past 1983. Paul will probably send me a note setting me right if I’m wrong, but I believe they may still be quasi-active, so I’d highly recommend you catch ‘em if they show up on a bill. Be sure to wear a helmet and ample padding, though, ‘cause you’re gonna need ‘em.

 –jimmy (The Repressed)