May 27, 2009

All hail Replicator! A simply packaged CD with nothing but a big black "R" to separate you from this holy disc. I could make a ton of comparisons to the likes of Shellac (all hail as well!), The Jesus Lizard, even Helmet, but melding perfectly placed samples, toys and keyboard bits, and the urge to hail the devil – and you have Replicator. No, they aren't Satanic, unfortunately, but they take on a slightly evil, and in a geeky way, a trashy form of evil political masterminding sneaky devilishness. The first track, "Validation Complex," is a blasting rock instrumental - quick drum beats, all that tasty off-time "math rock" shit we geeky-rock fans love to eat up. Next comes the aptly titled "Bawkbakawk Bawkbagone." Drummer Chris Bolig's strong and oh-so manly "I'm in control here” beats work perfect with vocalist/guitarist Conan Neutron's (yes, Neutron) blood curdling and oh so passionate wails and fuzzy guitar. By the end of the song I'm already playing air drums. That is a good sign. This fab droning keyboard slips itself in when you least expect it, adding to the evilness. Spooky! At times it has the feel of "The Billiard Player" by Shellac, until this evil fucking metal breakdown comes in. This is when you hail. "CAP Vehicle Retirement Application" automatically gives the feel of viva-la-revolution. Prof. Ben Adrian's (engineered/mixed the record, too, at his Feedback Loop studio) finger-pointing bass leads most of the song. Conan better watch out that he doesn't break a capillary with his screeching "We ain't talkin' labor…" We finally end with "Epoch," an earth-shaking track lead in by kick-ass distorted guitar and one loud-as-hell, kickass bass line; a monumental end that will have school children knocking over their desks and burning their homework. Replicator asks, "How can you sleep?" Fuck sleep! All hail the Bay Area's three-piece monster rock gods, Replicator! –Sarah Stierch

 –guest (Replicator)