RENO DIVORCE: Naysayers and Yesmen: CD

Aug 09, 2009

Hot damn whooooo-weee, these sonically smokin’ sultans of sin rotundly crank-out a sizzlin’ skillet full of slicked-back ducktail punkrock rowdiness! Reno Divorce are the savage young bastard sons of Social Distortion, and they meticulously, yet energetically, create the boxcar-ridin’, prisonbound sounds of Mike Ness and crew during SD’s hootin’-and-hollerin’ hellraisin’ heyday. This is robust, ballsy, and brash rock’n’roll swagger at its coolest and most bad-ass. It’s undeniably the everlasting aural epitome of hotrods, big-boobed gals, tattoos, whiskey, and boisterous streetscruff unruliness. It oozes sin and sweat and cheap sex – sordid backalley debauchery beneath the pale glow of an old hunchbacked streetlamp, bloody-knuckled bottle-smashin’ brawls in a smoke-enshrouded poolhall, and booze-soaked bums drunkenly stumbling through an endless maze of neon-lit, vomit-slicked streets. Hell yeh, the explosive sonic fury of Reno Divorce brings out the devil in me and makes me wanna drink and fuck and get downright dirty and nasty! If I were dictator for just one day, this would be a mandatory disc to be played loudly in each and every home, business, institutional learning facility, penitentiary, and church across the nation. Amen, motherfucker! -Roger Moser, Jr.

 –guest (Reno Divorce)

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