REMAMBRAN: Drawing Out: Cassette

Mallory Watje is the singer/songwriter responsible for Remambran and you should thank her for it. With Indiana Laub on bass and Johnny Yugoslavia / Paul Rey on drums, each of these ten tracks puts forth a dreamy quality that floats around your head like a happy cloud. The songs are all very pretty—they have wonderful chord progressions and a rhythm section that can be either rapid fire force or soft and gentle while the wistful riffs carry you away. The vocal styling Watje has perfected is so unique and almost exotic from anything I’ve heard. In no way do I mean this negatively, but her voice is somewhat warped and warblely sounding, with a tinge of Bjork’s accent to it. As if the magnetic tape on the cassette got stretched out, but just on the vocals. It makes for this gorgeous cadence that guides the instruments through on this mystic journey of tunes about feelings and relationships. “Get Thru the Nite” is my favorite track on the album because it really runs the entire gamut of what this group is capable of in just three minutes. You’d be hard pressed to find another band like this. I don’t even know what to compare them to. Do yourself a favor and check out something new and refreshing. 

 –Kayla Greet (Secret Pennies)