May 05, 2015

Charmed by the bear devouring a sub sandwich on the front, and the giant sub sandwich devouring a tiny bear on the back—artwork compliments of Righteous Indignation, better known as Jason Lubrano of Iron Chic—I was sold on this Pittsburgh-born 7” split before even listening to the tracks. “Band of humans,” Remainders, slam through catchy, riffy punk rippers—”You’re Living a Lie? I’m Living Like 20!” and “Standstill” on Side A—both bolstered by minimal production that suggests the immediacy and emotional investment of a basement show. Side B features Barons taking a more tempered, anthemic approach on “Tradition” and “Lessons,” with fist-pumping choruses, swinging breakdowns, and well-paced crescendos that make you quiver with antici… pation. 

 –Kelley O’Death (Between The Days, [email protected],

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