REJX: 300 Orchard Place: CD

The wave of NOFX knock-off bands has definitely subsided, which is cool. It also gives me a chance to relax when I see a band spell their name like REJX and when the first three chords sound like Eric Melvin played them. I can suspend judgement for long enough to figure out if there’s something more to the album. And there is something more to this debut CD by the REJX. They’re not knocking-off “Punk in Drublic” or any of the more recent NOFX albums. At first, it reminds me of “S&M Airlines.” The more I listen to it, though, it actually reminds me of RKL – the band that NOFX wanted to be in the beginning. It’s good stuff. Not great, but not easy to dismiss. It’s fast and angry and sincere and sometimes funny and easy to sing along to. I’d definitely like to see what these guys grow into.

 –sean (Uprising!)