REIGNING SOUND: Too Much Guitar!: CD

Feb 28, 2008

...a friend of mine and i were discussing this album, and i told him i had only listened to it once because it was a two-good-song piece of overrated horseshit with an ugly cover by a pointless band with a lame-ass name, or other carefully selected words of that nature. After further review, i am quite unsure what manner of Grumpy Pills i was popping that day (GO Grumpy Pill Popper! GO Grumpy Pill Popper!), because, on follow-up inspection, this record’s sounds sound pretty unfeigningly reigning indeed (maybe i still hold some manner of unfounded begrudgement against all things Oblivian, since 1. I got my ex-girlfriend an Oblivians album for Christmas once and what good did it do me?, and 2. Somebody broke into my band’s van while i was watching them once [and stole my postage stamps! What for? To write home to Mother and inform her of her son’s burgeoning career as a window-smashing postage stamp thief?]). After more thorough inspection, i have herein identified compounds bearing the atomic signatures of the Sonics’ “He’s Waiting,” that Pebbles-type tune about love not being worth a dime, the Motors’ “Dancing the Night Away,” first-album Beatles, Swingin’ Neckbreakers beating Hank Ballard compositions into bloody pulp with a reanimated George Harrison’s fifty-foot boner, mid-sixties Rolling Stones (yeah, and you know how every now and again some jerk-off music twit opines that some song or another “sounds like the kind of thing the Stones used to write... when they were good!” when it sounds nothing like anything the Stones ever did, except maybe in this guy’s [mostly imaginary] mental rock history? Well “Drowning,” for ONCE, actually DOES sound like something the Stones used to write [minus brief detours into Byrds-ism and peculiar Joe Meek Teen Death-ism]), Byrds-ism, peculiar Joe Meek Teen Death-ism, the Standells, Incredible Shrinking Dickies-era Dickies (!!!) (well, okay, with different vocals) (it’s the last song, “Medication.” Go ahead. Knowledgeably refute my assertion!), and, the nuclear glue that keeps this volatile compound from melting down into a hunk of lead upon contact with Earth’s atmosphere, the voice: Total Mark Lindsay!!! I mean, i dunno how many Paul Revere & The Raiders fans we got in the house tonight, but if “Your Love Is a Fine Thing” ain’t just a nine-volt-battery-lickin’ update of “Alias Pink Puzz”/”Hard ‘n’ Heavy (With Marshmallow)”-era Raiders A-sides, well, then... boy, i dunno what then. I never had to carry out on my threats my before. Also contains a minor smattering of the more Blues Explosiony stuff, but the rest of the material is so buff i can’t fault anyone for throwing an occasional bone to the squares. BEST SONG: Right now i’m pretty whipped on “Your Love Is a Fine Thing,” but i think by next week i should be back into “I’ll Cry.” BEST SONG TITLE: “We Repel Each Other” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Annie had a baby, she can’t work no more. Wait, wrong band!

 –norb (In The Red)