It’s funny how almost unavoidable it is to mention Circle Jerks, Adolescents, or Germs when describing Regulations’ sound. It’s a stigma that I’m sure the band members are tired of being attached to. But I recently came to the conclusion that Regulations has been able to accomplish what none of those bands were able to: consistency in quality. Not one of those bands had more than one record that would ever live up to their brilliant debuts. Regulations came from out of nowhere with two excellent EPs in 2003. They were quick to follow those up with a ridiculously good full length, a mini LP, and a third EP just to let everyone know they weren’t going anywhere. A couple of years and some side projects later did nothing to slow down what has already been an impressive stream of great releases. A second full length should have been where the bottom finally fell out for these guys, but, fuck me, this is just as great of a listen as any of their previous works. Old school dinosaurs be damned and current bands take notes: be unto the Regulations!

 –Juan Espinosa (Deranged)