Jun 29, 2007

I’m not sure exactly why I like these guys so much. I have no idea what makes this band so good. Or why it is that everything they do passes my “this isn’t even close to sucking” litmus test. They don’t milk cheesy gimmicks from a dead teat or don funny outfits—any of the stuff that I oftentimes fall for in a band. They just play simple, catchy, unaffected ‘70s style punk that sometimes brings to mind a more cohesive sounding Germs—without Darby in a sputtering coma. The Regulations are just straight-up, no-bullshit real rock’n’roll and maybe—in this world where a plastic surgery disaster/boy fondler named Michael Jackson is considered rock’n’roll royalty—that’s more than enough.

 –aphid (Havoc)