REGULATIONS: Different Needs: 7”EP

Remember the band Yes? If not, you’re lucky. If you did, it feels awesome to hear, through bands like The Regulations, that Yes lost. There’s no need for a thirty-piece orchestra in a rock band. There’s no need for multi-part suites or mellotrons. Brevity, man. The Regulations are a big part of why Umea, Sweden is a hotbed for cultural ambassadors to modern day punk rock, and for good reason. That said, this four-songer didn’t immediately grab me by the short and curlies. It’s more of a Germs smolder than a Circle Jerks blast, but, I’ll fully admit that the last song, “New Ways,” pounces like a panther and wiggles like a cut worm. On-target punk rock. I’d be a douche not to like it and tell you that if you haven’t given The Regulations a chance yet, now’s a great time.

 –todd (Havoc)