REGULATIONS: Different Needs: 7”EP

Sep 04, 2008

Remember the band Yes? If not, you’re lucky. If you did, it feels awesome to hear, through bands like The Regulations, that Yes lost. There’s no need for a thirty-piece orchestra in a rock band. There’s no need for multi-part suites or mellotrons. Brevity, man. The Regulations are a big part of why Umea, Sweden is a hotbed for cultural ambassadors to modern day punk rock, and for good reason. That said, this four-songer didn’t immediately grab me by the short and curlies. It’s more of a Germs smolder than a Circle Jerks blast, but, I’ll fully admit that the last song, “New Ways,” pounces like a panther and wiggles like a cut worm. On-target punk rock. I’d be a douche not to like it and tell you that if you haven’t given The Regulations a chance yet, now’s a great time.

 –todd (Havoc)